Print Design

Annual Report - ExceleRate Illinois

This report for ExceleRate Illinois looks back on the first two years of the program, evaluates successes and outlines goals for the future. The report also highlights the mission of ExceleRate Illinois to ensure children have access to quality early learning care.

Marketing Campaign - INCCRRA

Created to promote INCCRRA's Professional Development Advisor (PDA) program, this campaign highlights the many different ways PDAs can help those in the early child care and education field. The direct mail piece presents an interactive flow chart to help readers find how a PDA can help them take the next step in their career.

Conference Design - INCCRRA

Hosted by INCCRRA's Professional Development Advisory Council (PDAC), the Building the Dream conference focuses on professional development for Illinois professionals in the child care early learning and development industry.

Identity Design - Fly By Yarn

Created for an Air Force pilot, this online store identity highlights the owner’s love of flying. The logo is reminiscent of sky writing and uses the paper airplane image to represent flight in a relatable, handmade way. To leave a lasting impression on customers, a promotional paper airplane is included in every package. This project was featured on the front page of the AIGA Member Gallery on September 6, 2013.

Brand Campaign - Bayside Delicatessen

After a propane truck crashed into Bayside Delicatessen and they closed for repairs, they launched a grand reopening campaign. The campaign presents the Tebaldi’s “Worst Christmas Present Ever” in a lighthearted, funny way. The deli’s visual identity reflects the nostalgic decor of the diner and the history of the town.

Product Design - Claire's

Aimed at Claire's younger customer, this book provides girls with innovative, fun games for sleepover parties. The original games created for this book cover a wide range of sleepover activities. The vibrant color palette suits the mood of the product.

Illustration - Claire's

Various original illustrations created for Claire's products.